M Autos Japan providing simple steps and detailed follow ups for our customer’s satisfaction.

  • Pick your wanted unit from our stock or from our Direct Auction Access.
  • Send 50% or 100% of the agreed vehicles price before shipment.
  • Export Pre-inspection will take place for the required markets.
  • Your vehicle will be shipped and the BL scan will be supplied.
  • Send the final balance of the purchased unit after the departure.
  • Documents will be sent via DHL, and the tracking number will be supplied. Once the DHL is received, you are ready to clear the unit at the port, and the car is all yours and cars will be shipped as in condition!
  • DISMANTLE UNITS: Customer has to pay 50% payment initially and once order is shipped we will send copy of BL. Remaining 50% payment customer has to pay once cars are being shipped and we will release all the original documents via DHL which customer can receive within3-4 working days if M Autos Japan will do the shipping.
  • *If customer arranging their own shipping then customer has to make full 100% payment for dismantle units.
  • In order to buy any car from the auction, the purchaser has to pay $500 (Per Unit) as a security deposit to bid the car from the auction. We don’t allow any kind of bid from the customer, if we don’t have the security deposit.
  • * Please note the deposit amount will be refunded in case if the customer changes his/her mind and demand for the money Or customer can adjust the amount with his payment once the car is won from the auctions Or customer can keep the amount with us for future biding.


  • Product of M Autos Japan is sold based on FOB or C&F Terms.
  • If export inspection is required at the buyer’s country due to the import regulation, the inspection type & requirement must be implied from the buyer before the export.
  • Minimum of 50%~ 100% deposits of the Total C&F is required for the shipment to be processed.
  • All transaction fee must be paid fully from the Buyer’s side.
  • Once the Shipment has been ordered, an SO (Shipping Order, BL draft) will be supplied to the customer, the customer is responsible to inform any change of consignee at this point of the stage.
  • Once Shipment has departed, Original BL Scan will be supplied within 2-3 business days after the Departure date.
  • The final balance of the total C&F price must be paid within 1 week time after the Departure date.
  • Once final balance is confirmed at our account, all necessary documentation for the import process will be supplied via DHL to the appointed address given from the buyer. The DHL tracking Number will be supplied when dispatched.
  • The DHL will include,
    – Original Invoice
    – Original Export Certificate (Japanese)
    – Translated Export Certificate (English)
    – Two Copies of the Original BL
    – Original Export Inspection Certificate (If required)
    – Declaration Certificate (if required)
  • If the Customer shall fail to pay the balance in full after 10 days after the vehicle arrival date at the Importer’s Country, M Autos Japan will have the full rights to forfeit the original deposit and to have the unit sold to a different customer to ensure the full collection for M Autos Japan’s security.