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More recently started manufacture from the Japanese manufacturer of the newcomer Lexus GS F 2016 — 2017 last generations. All technical arsenal sports the penalty pursues only one aim — the maximum roadability, stability at extreme driving and as much as possible admissible limit of high-speed characteristics.


Even estimating an exterior of a new sport sedan, it is possible to notice that with dynamic and high-speed components of the machine, most likely, all good. Now we concern details which I do especial the given model.

In front we can see huge front bumper and pair of air vents on a bumper on each side. In a cross-section — gills of front fenders and 19 inch wheels from a light-metal alloy. Inspecting the rear, the modified rear bumper is evident. On it there is a choke tube. An exhaust system two-stored. On a roof flaunts carbon a spoiler.


The interior five-seater, but will be more comfortable behind to take place to two passengers, instead of three (because of height transmission tunnel). The interior can be estimated, as stylish both modern. Details and furnish materials qualitative. Sitting and the central extension housing are executed from a genuine leather, are available carbon and aluminum inserts.

Pleases a look the multipurpose digital panel of devices, a multiwheel, with the petals located under it, background interior light. Front seats are executed in sports style: the high backs, the integrated headrests, anatomic fitness and simply wonderful lateral fixing. Media system is presented by the color display, dimension of 12.3 inches. The audio system — Mark Levinson, has seventeen speakers. Climate system up-to-date with ability of definition of quantity of passengers in a car and independently regulating a direction of air flows.


The length of the car made 4.915 m;
The width is equal 1.845 m;
The height equals 1.440 m;
The wheelbase corresponds 2.850 m;
The ground clearance makes 130 mm.

At a variant of installation of tires Michelin PilotSuperSport 255/35 R19, 275/35 R19 ahead and behind accordingly the size of a track of front/back wheels makes 1.555 m and 1.560 m accordingly.

Spaciousness of a luggage compartment — 520 liters. The equipped weight — 1800 kg.


Suspender independent (double cross-section ahead, a multilever from the forged aluminum behind. ZF Sachs – the system can change ruggedness degree. Brakes Brembo is adding comfort and safety.

Under the hood space is filled eight-cylinder 5,0L petrol engine which is capable to give out 467 horses and 530 twisting moment. Accelerates to a hundred this car is capable in 4.5 seconds and maximum permissible speed — 270 km/hour. The fuel consumption makes an order of 12 liters in the commixed cycle.

Transmission the automatic eight-step. All force and energy by means of transmission will be given a rear axle with active differential. Modes of behavior of the last 3 and the driver himself can choose for itself one of accessible variants of options: Standard provides high level of control over a sport sedan, Slalom gives the chance drift and, as though so more softly to be expressed, have fun, steering powerful car, Track creates necessary stability at extreme driving.

Pleases presence of system Drive ModeSelect which allows to choose necessary options of functioning of a throttle valve and the power unit, a check point and climate control and as to synthesize motor sounding, using Active SoundControl.

Well 4 modes: Normal, ECO, Sports and Sports +. We will not decipher the name of modes, after all and so all is obvious. The stabilization system can function in three modes: Normal, Sport, Expert also can be disconnected.